The Explorado Children's Museum houses the largest hands-on exhibition for 4 to 12 years-old in Germany. Spread over 3000 m² children can explore their own world - with heart, hand and mind – in different thematic areas, that are designed individually. The interactive exhibits invite you to marvel, try out and experiment. Each exhibit is explained in German and English language. We are looking forward to welcome you to the Explorado world in a beautiful old Wehrhahnspeicher (a former silo) located at the inner harbour of Duisburg! There are three floors to discover:


In our video tour we show you the Explorado Children's Museum with its hands-on exhibition from the inside. Please note, that our exhibits are constantly changing so that each visit brings new explorations. Therefore, the video does not show every exhibit you can currently find at the Explorado.

Explorado Duisburg: Ground Floor


On the first floor you can explore the special exhibition "Die straken Vier" - a new interactive exhibition on the natural forces of the Earth.

The way continues and brings you to the history of the inner harbour as the "breadbasket of the Ruhr area". In the building of the children's museum grain was once stored. Before, it was processed in the mill and then shipped. The way of the grain can you explore at the transparent mill. Moreover you can discover a giant molehill to climb inside, an animal track course and many more.

Explorado Duisburg: Ausstellung


On the first floor you can climb into the canopy of a tree. Below you is the excavation site - there small archaeologists are asked to expose the skeleton of a sea cow that lived thousands of years ago in Duisburg.

At the technology tester you can try professions: Be a construction worker and roofer! The gloves, helmets and wheelbarrows are ready to use! Then the traffic area is waiting for you to do the Explorado driver's license before it goes on the road. Additionally, you can find here the corner with a lot of brainteasers and the toddler area for younger siblings.

Explorado Dusiburg: Ausstellung


Welcome to the world of communication and media! In the past communication worked with the help of Morse code and the flags alphabet. Even today, the Morse code is part of the astronaut training! Here you can try it yourself. Or you try our large satellites - with themyou can to talk to each other across the whole museum! At the animation film table you can make your own movie. And in the blue box you are yourself on the screen, slipping into different landscapes.
On the second floor your agility, balance and speed are needed, too. For example, on our running track with speed and reaction timer. In the bells course you have to be careful to not make the bells ring.


The hands-on exhibition in Explorado is intended for explorers aged 4 to 12 years. But of course we have also thought of the younger siblings and set up on the first floor of the children's museum a toddler area! Since February 2017 Janosch is guest here. Tigerente and Co. wait for little friends who climb, play, read and cuddle with them.

For that matter, the youngest ones aged 3 and under have free admission to the Explorado.

Café im Kindermuseum


You can use the Explorado-Bistro for a break or relax here after your visit. From our terrace you have a great view of the inner harbour. At our bistro we offer tasty food for big and small explorers. You can also bring your own food that you can eat in our picnic area. Please note, it is not allowed to eat in our exhibitions.

Explorado Duisburg: Besuch mit Kita, Klasse oder Familie

The Explorado-Team is looking forward to welcome you! Here you find more information for